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Join Us

What part of the wall are you?
What part of the American dream?


Promote and share #SomosElMuro #YoSoyElMuro to add each Mexican citizen to the wall. It is everyone’s responsibility to do what is necessary to get these people out of our region.

When you see illegal migrants, do not help them, do not give them information, let alone shelter. Understand that if you help, they will try to stay.

Demand that the Mexican government close the migrant care centers that exist throughout the national territory. We refer to all those spaces supported by leftist sectors of the Church that insist that our government must pay to keep nourished and alive people who are not from our region.

Ask the religious to stop worrying about the migrants and worry about strengthening the family.

Demand Foreign Relations and the Ministry of the Interior to end the lobbying “derechohumanero” that seeks to give refugee status to Central Americans. Why grant them asylum if they are the cause of the violence from which they are fleeing? The governments of Honduras, El Salvador and Guatemala do not deal with that, why should we take care of ourselves?

Demand from the government laws that punish companies or people who hire Central American migrants. Let’s be aware that that only compounds the problem.

Do not do anything. Not broadcast reports on “humanitarian emergencies” or “genocides on the southern border.” Those are just news invented by bad Mexicans, pseudo-journalists and foreign interventionist activists, to make you feel guilty.